The Secret To Lose Weight Super Fast

The Secret To Lose Weight Super Fast (And Never Gain Weight Again)


Hi there, this is Larry, and I am going to walk you through steps to lose weight the fastest and the most effectively. The key here is that, after this process, you will never have to worry about gaining unwanted weight again.

There may be different reasons that brought you here, however, you may have been unhappy with some of the followings:

  • You don’t eat that much, but you’re still putting on weight!
  • You have tried to lose weight more than once, but all of those efforts were not successful.
  • You’re suffering from the hunger, for foods 🙁
  • You just want to get rid of the ugly fat under the belly button.
  • You still feel unenergetic even after having lots of food.

Now, I want to say, congratulations! You’re here. All what you need to do is to follow precisely the steps below and you will have the body that you have always been dreaming of.

Weight loss is actually not unachievable. I had to spend four years for this life project, from forming the ideas to successfully cutting weight. However, the actual weight loss process took only 21 days.

Those four valuable years of my life were for a lot of research, trials, failures, pains and disappointments. I failed, tried again, and failed again. I can’t remember how many times I failed to lose weight.

I have also spent a lot of money on functional food, weight loss programs and e-books, however, they were all helpless. I was still coming back to the starting point, being excessively overweight.

Then, I was stunned by an ugly truth. The weight loss industry earns billions of dollars in profit every year. And in common belief, profit is everything to many businesses. According to my experiences, this appears to be true to quite a few functional food companies.

Functional food helps you lose some weight. But when you stop using it, you will start gaining weight again, even at a higher rate than before. And guess what? It is a closed circle. You will have to rely on functional food again, and maybe, forever.

How about gyms? They are good, however, as an entrepreneur, it was too luxury for me to spend several hours in a gym every day while there was a long list of tasks waiting for me to handle.

My own weight loss practice is a combination of knowledge and experience I have gained after years. I formulated it and have helped many of my friends achieve their dreamed weight after only 21 days, beyond their expectations.

Now I want to share my weight loss formula with you so that you will not waste another two precious years of your life on ineffective practices and save a great deal of money.

After many trials, I finally figured out the reason that I was not successful in losing weight. It was because I did not do it in a short period of time. Forget about giving yourself three or six months for losing weight as it is too long for your patience. You will easily get disheartened after several months of trying hard but haven’t seen obvious results. And after just one time freeing yourself from weight loss diet in a party, things will seem to get back to where it started.

It must be a very fast weight loss, or it will be nearly impossible to lose weight.

Why we need 21 days?

As I have said, 21 days is a not a too long time for you to able to see some result. This therefore will give you encouragement to keep trying harder for a complete outcome, becoming a person as you have wished for long time. In addition, this process of 21 days will help you establish:

  • a brand new routine
  • a new healthy diet
  • a new exercise habit
  • and any other habit that you want to have.

Why we get overweight?

This doesn’t happen overnight. A general reason is that, in many places in the world, our lives are getting easier as we are getting wealthier and doing less manual jobs. We tend to take in more calories than what our bodies need. The surplus calories will transform into fat that will be accumulated over time and cause obesity. So I can say that the two main reasons for obesity are excessive calorie intake and insufficient exercise.

You also need to be clear about the two following truths:

  • There is no food that can burn fat. Functional food is not an exception. Food is to provide your body with energy. Surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat. If there was food that could consume fat so all you would have to do would be to eat that food to burn all body fat. Simply, right? But that certainly will never happen. Food cannot burn fat.
  • Time of fat burning: Energy generated by a meal will be consumed by your body within 4 to 6 hours afterwards. After 6 hours, your body will start using stored energy. This is the fat-burning stage.

How to lose weight?

This doesn’t happen overnight either. There are no miracles or pills that can help you lose weight immediately. You have to attempt every single day within these 21 days to read and do exactly as what I am going to guide you.

For your convenience, I will then divide this lengthy article into four smaller ones, as follows:

Mindset, Goals and Disciplines: If you do not have a right mindset towards weight loss or do not assign yourself a firm determination to lose weight, it will be impossible to succeed. Though it is not unachievable as I said, however, it is without doubt a serious business. It will be a transformation of your body and also your life, and requires an absolute commitment to no one else but yourself.

Well Understanding of Nutrition: You need to read, build your knowledge of nutrition and know well what substances you’re taking into your body. In fact, weight loss is a part of a healthy lifestyle in which you employ a healthy diet that provides you with enough energy and nourishes your health.

Diet: Diet contributed 70% to my weight loss success. At its essence, weight loss is the process in which your body consumes more energy than what it takes in. However, to many of us, busy life does not allow us to spend a lot of time for exercise or sports. Hence, diet is the key to losing weight successfully. I will show you in details what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, what recipes and how to overcome the hungers.

Exercise: Even though diet plays a key role in weight loss, without exercise, you will hardly put your weight loss program into effect.  If you want to transform your body forever you need to work out or you will put on weight again in a blink of an eye. Moreover, it is not just about losing weight, it is also about your beauty and attractiveness.

All you are going to look through will definitely help you lose 10, 15 or even 20 pounds after only 21 days. But more importantly, this will give you a key to creating a new version of your own body that is as healthy, fit, agile and sexy as you have always been dreaming of. Yes I’m talking about 6-pack abs, body fat of less than 10% and athletic capability that allows you to run marathon, iron man 70.3 or even 140.6. You will never feel shy about your body and enjoy a new life well-being and longevity. Protection Status
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